Breathwork Therapy

private sessions

a gift to yourself

A private session is a beautiful gift to yourself. When we show up to do our own inner work this always has a large impact on how we live our life. Because how we feel on the inside, and what is stored in our body-mind system impacts our day-to-day choices and experiences.

If you feel ready to move in deeper we can also work with a microdose of Truffle. This plant allows you to feel more and surrender more deeply to the process that unfolds. These sessions take more time to give space to your full process.

Having several private sessions:

  • Can make space for some serious personal growth.
  • Can be of great support in a time of transition
  • Can support you in making that Next Step (no more playing small!)
  • Is a beautiful way to move through stress, pain & fear – to trust & feel your power within.
How does it work?

In a private session we really take the time to explore; what is it you want to focus on? What needs to change in your life? Where do you want clarity on? After setting an intention I guide you through circular breathing while you lay comfortably on a mat. There is music guiding you and helping you to find your rhythm and which will support you to remain in the ‘older’ parts of your brain – which allows you to feel more.

You have my full support

During the sessions all kinds of things may arise- physically and emotionally. I support you through this, allowing you to feel safe and taken care of. During the session I (might) use touch and pressure points to help you stay connected to your body and for release.
At the end of the session there is time for ‘landing’, for resting, receiving and relaxation.
We close with a cup of herbal tea and a short reflection or possible practice to take home with you.

  • A session takes 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Investment: 215-
  • When you book a 5 session package you get a 75,- euro discount!
  • (to be used within 4 months)
  • Sessions cancelled within 48 hour a timeframe will be fully charged – unless someone else can take over the booking.
  • A session with Microdose: 2,5 hours
  • Investment: 235,-
  • Business fee- 30% added on all prices, check your employer for ‘Persoonlijk Ontwikkelings Budget’ and if you are on Sick Leave employers are obliged to their best ability support your recovery.
  • A session takes 2 hours
  • Investment: 197,-
  • When you book a 5 session package you get a 35,- euro discount
  • (to be used within 12 months)

Breathe, and connect to your inner knowing.

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