About Aileen

My life’s journey

Since I was a child I have had a deep connection to my body and to nature. Always outside, in our Swiss mountain village where I grew up, I was a bit of a wild ragamuffin. For real.

Growing up I naturally was a good listener and always busy with my hands, either baking, climbing or massaging people (or animals). I also had a sensitivity to knowing what others feel & need.

My life has always been connected to many languages, places and cultural influences which allows me to understand all kinds of people.

In retrospect my spiritual life started as a teenager, I devoured any book I could find and experimented on my own with all kinds of practice- from books.

Wanting to understand the body mind connection more deeply I started by studying Psychology.

University gave me an understanding of the brain, our emotions and the neurology and biochemistry at play in our day to day experience. In particular I did research on the effect of Oral contraceptives on Mood & Libido. It also left me with more questions about consciousness and after University I realized a life long dream to travel to India and to learn more there (about Ayurveda & Reiki).

I have always had a pull to the scientific Western way of explaining and measuring phenomena and to the ancient traditions in the East that at their core foster health and balance.

After some years of working in the clinical field as a Psychologist I became a mother. Which transformed me.

I learned so much from pregnancy, birth and early motherhood – and realized it’s a deep spiritual practice and rite of passage women go through with little guidance. My Mindfulness practice supported me through all stages.

Having had both the empowering birth experience that charged me as well as a devastating traumatic birth experience – I got to experience the difference between the two and their impact on me and my family. It was around this time that I felt to train myself in this field, with the intention of wanting to support other women. When we support a woman through this transition we are changing the narrative of a whole new family system and generation. (see education- section to learn more).

Divine Feminine

my calling

When I was a teenager I felt called to the Divine Feminine –

And I now feel this call again,

This is the driving force behind all that I do,

I see the Feminine as; the ‘Mother’, the water, the emotion.

The call to balance in our inner & outer world,

the call to compassion & self love.

I’m happy to support you in your own journey.

my journey of empowerment

It took a long and dark burn out to learn how to be more gentle and loving with myself. What I had seen in the therapy room with all of my clients, I needed to learn too. Turning to Radical Acceptance and Self care, making space for my mental and physical health helped me in this time. I also benefited immensely from the power of EMDR therapy.

In the end all suffering comes from the places where we do not love ourselves. And life invites us in all kinds of ways to show up for ourselves.

As I learned more and loved more; transformation set in, and I had my first Breathwork session – which blew my mind, body & soul. Just in one session I gained so many insights, felt so much internal movement in my system; I knew instantly that this would be something I would have to share!

Honestly I was a bit in shock: Why had I not heard of Breathwork before? Why was not everyone having access to this powerful practice?

Since then Breathwork has been the accelerator of personal growth and a big pillar of both my mental and physical health. It’s part of my morning routine now and is a game changer.

From all that I learned, from books, professors, teachers, my own therapy, inner work and life, I share with you the modalities that I have benefitted from the most myself.

my education & training

Private Breathwork • Women • EMDR


  • Breath Coach (Annette Weers)
  • PSYCHEDELIC BREATH facilitator (trained by Eva Kazcor)
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology, cum laude (University of Amsterdam)
  • GZ-Psycholoog (no longer with BIG registration)
  • EMDR therapist (recognized by VEN)
  • Certification as Mindfulness instructor (MBSR level 1 See true)
  • Certificate level 1 in Mindful Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (trained by Nancy Bardacke)
  • Certified Doula (JJ/Bia Doula)
  • Training in pregnancy & postpartum massage (Embracing birth)
  • Training in course Baringspijn (coping with labor pain, by Ben van Cranenburgh and Irena Veringa)
  • Various Massage courses (Shiatsu, Ayurveda & Thai massage)
  • Reiki level I &II with Rabia – Pune India.
  • MBCP week retreat with Nancy Bardacke 2016
  • Mind in Labor weekend course (MBCP Brussels and Paris 2016 & 2017)
  • Vipassana silent retreat (SIM) 2017
  • Yoga Intensives: Teressa Caldas, Orit Sen Gupta, Aadil Palkhivala.

Work with me

Do you feel the call to come back to your true self? Returning to your intuitive knowing.
To shed the layers that are holding you back from the past. Opening up to feel fully alive, and express yourself. Are you with me?
Through breathwork and therapy I’ll help you find Your way.