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psychedelic BREATH®

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a breathwork technique combining ancient yogic breathing with modern neuroscience. Supported by beautiful electronic music you are taken on a journey, by just changing your breath that allows you to change your brain wave frequency, the alkalinity of your blood and opening up your body & mind to new possibilities, while releasing what no longer serves you.

This is a very accessible type of breathwork, created by my teacher Eva Kazcor, that is both gentle and& powerful. A PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® session usually takes 90 minutes, unless I have added more to the program like a Cacao Ceremony (2 hours).


Pregnancy, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, High inner eye pressure, Detached Retina, Cardiovascular problems, Strokes, Clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds).

If you are experiencing one of the above, this technique is too strong now.

Cacao ceremony

I love working with Ceremonial Cacao during my group breath sessions.
Besides that, I’m a big chocolate lover – guilty!

Cacao combines beautifully with breathwork. It’s a natural vasodilator – which allows for more flow of blood and oxygen through the body. It contains Anandamide – which makes you feel happy and positive.
The high amounts of antioxidants are very nourishing, as are the high levels of minerals.

For hundreds of years Pure raw cacao has been used for ceremonies and important decision making in Mayan culture. The Mayan’s also used cacao, because of its properties listed above for women during pregnancy & postpartum! Its a lovely substitute to coffee, while being activating it does not give the same rush.

I regularly start my PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® sessions with a Cacao Ceremony – to allow for some time to ground, connect to the breath and set an intention for the breath practice. Working with an intention has a very powerful effect.


The sessions with Aileen that I have participated in have been incredibly nourishing to mind, body & soul. 

Her gentle loving guidance and support through-out the session are a huge benefit.
By encouraging you to slowly let go, deepen the breath and surrender to yourself it gives ample space for many layers of healing to unfold.

This type of breath work resonates most with me as the repetitive cycles slowly build up and therefore gradually allow the body to accept what can come up.
Nothing is forced or sudden, instead by conditioning yourselfyour self in this way when the deeper process’ do arrive the whole system is ready to accept them.

After each session I felt more clarity and depth, as well as a desire to go deeper the next time and let go even more.
I would recommend breath work with Aileen.

‘I have done many types of breathwork.

From Transformational to Rebirthing to Holotropic to Wim Hof breathwork.

In Aileen’s breathwork session my favorite elements of all types came together:

clear instructions, well-structured, beautiful music in the background and no spiritual white noise.

With every cycle I went deeper into surrender and my system opened up more to creative life energy’”.

Afterwards I felt awake, blissful and inspired’.

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