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I absolutely love guiding larger groups with PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®. Bringing this type of practice to your Retreat / Festival / Event can be a beautiful way to help people to connect to themselves, offload stress and feel united by breathing together.

In a festival setting it’s a great way to allow everyone to go deeper in the experience of the festival afterwards. PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® works with powerful electronic music which I carefully select myself. Working with a DJ is also a beautiful option!

And in a retreat it can be placed in many ways, and I can also build around the breath session, bringing in my skills as a Mindfulness Teacher.

You are creating an event? Let’s talk and find the best creative solution to bringing it to the next level with the beautiful experience of breathwork.

I enjoy creating events myself. I love the creative process, thinking of concepts and making sure that the whole experience has the best possible flow and timing so that people leave with an unforgettable experience. Touched by the heart.

For private bookings, if you do not find a match in my online calendar, please email me directly and I will do my best to find a solution!

Bring your event or festival to the next level!