Maya Heart Consciousness Retreat

Maya Heart Consciousness Retreat is a healing and transforming retreat with a very inspiring ‘Conscious’ program. Being together in love, discovering and feeling who you are in essence and why you are here on earth for. This retreat is about increasing Consciousness and awakening, coming home. There is a lot of room for healing, for receiving valuable insights and relaxation.

On Friday we help you ground and form beautiful intentions. It is a day in which you can feel where you stand, who you are and what may be living in you that may be released. You start the day with a sacred cacao ceremony with sound healing from Yolentha Ram, after this you enjoy a plant based dinner and we close the day with a Mantra Singing Circle with Leonie Bos and a fire ceremony to release the old.

On Saturday we start the day with a yoga class and meditation, together we enjoy a light breakfast that makes your mouth water. Then we go on a healing in-depth journey with a Psychedelic Breath Experience with Aileen Kennedy. After lunch you can enjoy a walk in nature, swim in the lake in front of the old Farm and then prepare yourself for the Maya Heart Microdose Ceremony with the plant medicine Kakau Bliss under the guidance of Yolentha (not mandatory). We close the evening with Ecstatic dance in which we will connect with Mother Earth and each other through dance and movement.

On Sunday we start slowly with movement and a nice meditation to reflect on where we are, on the 3rd day of the retreat. Everything can be experienced very consciously this weekend, from love. This morning we connect our attention on a deeper level within our physical and energetic body and learn to fully embrace ourselves during the Tantra experience with Michelle Coops. Claudia from Soulrecipe closes this evening by cooking delicious and on a soul level for us, through her tasting dishes we stimulate all our senses and we will taste and enjoy on a deeper level of consciousness what Mother Earth is providing us.

After this weekend you have received insights that will give you direction in your life. You will experience connection with yourself on a deeper level of consciousness.
This retreat is organized near Amsterdam on an old farm, there are a limited number of places. The early bird discount runs until March 30. For more information, visit:

When: 14,15 May 2022

Location: near Amsterdam

investment: €458,55

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