Breathing Circle

Change the story of your past, open up to a new future by releasing limiting beliefs, tap into the only source of true knowing: your heart.
PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a mix of breathing techniques that combine elements from ancient yoga traditions and findings of contemporary neuroscience. Within the breath meditation you alter your brain frequencies into deeper states of meditation.

Touching upon your subconscious mind as well as your emotional body, you clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages.
This powerful breathing technique may impact your body, mind, emotions, heart & energy.

Because I’m so happy to see you we will start with a Cacao Ceremony.
Workshop – 120 Minutes Including- warming up breathing, explanation of technique, breathing and settling/ if wanted sharing at the end.
If you have any questions just send me an email .
This Workshop is at the beautiful Dojo of Mahara Center in Amsterdam West.


Pregnancy, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, High inner eye pressure, Detached Retina, Cardiovascular problems, Strokes, Clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds). If you are experiencing one of the above this technique is too strong now.

When: 13 mei 2022

Location: mahara, Amsterdam-West

investment: €33,66

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