Becoming a mother is the largest transformation a woman goes through in life.  

I can help you go through this major period of change & growth by become more attuned to your body, feelings, thoughts and inner voice.

Which will completely change your experience of this amazing yet challenging time!

Women's Holistic Coaching

Are you feeling anxious about birth and becoming a mother? Do you feel like you would like to feel more connected to being pregnant? Are you often in your head and miles away from your body? Being present in the body helps relax during pregnancy and birth. For pregnant women and mothers who want to be supported in their journey into motherhood. Contact me for a free chat to see if we click!

Mindful Birthing & Parenting

Are you pregnant? Join the Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting program. For expectant mothers/couples who wish to celebrate pregnancy by becoming more aware of the present moment, preparing for birth, coping with pain, body and breath awareness, breastfeeding basics and life long mindfulness skills that can be used in all stages of parenting and life. Take a look at the upcoming course dates!

Mindful Mama

Do you want to learn how to enjoy the moment instead of always thinking about what else you should be doing NOW? Do you feel like you are often not present with your child? For all mothers who want to live a fuller life with more awareness, less stress or anxiety and with more clarity on how to nourish yourself, body and mind. Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful way to bring more awareness to how you parent. Join the Mindful Mama course and meet other mothers!


I’m Aileen Kennedy, Psychologist, Mindful Birthing & Parenting teacher, Mindfulness teacher, Masseuse, Doula in training and mother of two sweethearts.

Please take a look at my website to see the services I have to offer and a peek at the About me page to read about my professional background.

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Monday 13th of May Mindful Birthing and Parenting Course starts: read more here.

Saturday May 25th Mothers Well-being Workshop at Blue Birds West: read more here!

Wednesday 29th of May Mindful for Mama course starts: read more here:

Inner Source – What’s in a name?

I love the real meaning of words and get a bit nerdy with looking things up. Here is what Inner Source means. I find these words wonderfully put together why I chose this name for the process I’m supporting through my work.

1. place, person, or thing from which one originates. 
2. A place where a river or stream begins. 
3. Thesaurus: source: author, begetter, cause, creator, derivation, informant, initiator, originator, root, starting point. 
2. Head, origin, spring, start, well head, wellspring. Beginning.

Meaning of Beginning: 
1. Birth, commencement, conception, creation, dawn, embryo, emergence, establishment, foundation, genesis, germ, inauguration, inception, initiation, initiation, instigation, introduction, launch, onset, opening, origin, outset point of departure, rise, source, start, threshold.

1. Situated inside, close to the center. 
2. Mental or spiritual inner strength. 
3. Private not expressed.