Becoming a mother is THE largest transformation you can go through as a woman. I’m here to support you in dealing with your fears, connecting to your body & becoming more relaxed. So that you can go through this amazing journey of change with confidence, presence and ease. For pregnant women, including those who wish to conceive and new mothers. 


The first years of motherhood is a highly transformative time where self image, body, values, desires, relationships may change, I want to support that change so you can thrive and flourish. I have created a space where women , who are nurturers can be nurtured also, something that is often missing in our modern lives. What I have to offer is a place to reconnect to yourself, to make space for what is going on inside you. Whether you are (becoming) a mother or not. Maybe its talking about your fears, or maybe your dreams. Reconnecting to your inner voice, your intuition. It could be reconnecting to your breath and your body. Reconnecting to your cycle. Making choices that help you feel happier and more relaxed. Remembering how to take care of yourself. It is clear that for women, and even more so for mothers, knowing how to take care of yourself is essential. Essential to your life, your happiness your health, and therefore for the wellbeing of your children and family.


After the birth of my first daughter I realized what a tremendous transformation pregnancy, birth and motherhood is. I felt that in our society today it feels to me that this time of transition is little recognized and that women are offered little support. And more importantly seem to believe that they should be able to do this all on their own. I know this for sure because I tried that road, and have seen others try this also. All of us need support in different stages in life, and I’m here for that too. So you don’t have to be a mother to benefit from my services.

The last years have been about reconnecting to my inner source, to my own voice, intuition, emotions, history and my body. In rediscovering and reconnecting to my inner source I have felt the strong need to support women in their process to (re) connect to theirs.

What is Inner Source? I see an image of the beginning of a spring buried deep inside a mountain, far away from everyone’s sight. And yet it is there, even if it’s forgotten or dormant. Tapping into our own inner source, this place where our power is coming from. Call it intuition. Call it Women’s Wisdom. Call it the ‘Wild woman’. Or following your gut. Or your nature. Whatever you call it, once you are disconnected and severed from listening to this knowing you are in many ways lost.

In these times we are taught to be more aligned with the male qualities within us, rational, organized, focused on results and achieving. We are not taught how to be with our feminine qualities. Often we don’t know how, or we ‘forget’. We adapt to the outside world thinking that our own inner voice is irrational and crazy, not useful in getting ahead in life.

I believe nothing could be more false. My mission is to help women in (re)connecting to their source, to flourish, grow, shine. I work as a women’s coach, guiding women, particularly around the life stage of motherhood (whether it’s the wish to conceive or anywhere in that first decade of motherhood).

What I have to offer

I offer coaching and massage sessions, for women, mothers and pregnant women. Coaching is often infused with mindfulness practice and elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

The sessions consist of a mixture of the following depending on your need at that moment: my experience is that a little bit of everything works best most of the time!

Coaching is more goal oriented and focused on setting and achieving goals and can be very practical. I guide you motivate you and help you structure and set out a plan for yourself. Coaching may also include Counselling which is more explorative and can be focused more into delving into (thought) patterns, beliefs or past experiences that block you in some way. Or it may be focused on rediscovering what drives you and what you need in life to flourish.

Massage includes awareness of breath and feelings to help you reconnect to yourself/ body and recharge your batteries. Although I have followed various massage courses my style is mostly intuitive and focused on what you may need in that moment (whether pregnant or non-pregnant).

Mindfulness Practice with bringing the awareness to the present moment which may be through awareness of the breath, body, thoughts or feelings. This helps to anchor ourselves into the present moment, feeling more deeply what is present so we may make better choices for our well being.

**note: I do not offer therapy or treatment of mental of physical ailments of any kind


“You have loving and firm hands, I felt relaxed during and after your massage. You also have a very keen sense of the knots and pains in one’s body- I was really surprised when you could identify the knots in my body and you kneaded through them and relaxed me. Bottom line- I always found you very loving and caring and those same qualities are reflected in your touch.”
– Lakshmi (Unwind session)

“Ik kan je niet genoeg bedanken voor je aanzet en hulp bij mijn zoektocht naar mijn ware zelf, het openen van mijn ogen en het op gang brengen van mijn adem. Nu kan ik eindelijk doen wat ik wilde doen.”
– Nienke (Reconnect session)

“Aileen’s approach of my mind and body helped me to connect to both my vulnerability and to my inner strength and intuition, to my heart and to my womb. A delightful journey of learning through my own body and a truly empowering experience.”
– Sietske (Reconnect sessions

“Bij Aileen was ik in goede handen. Ze werkt vanuit grote vakkundigheid plus diepe sensitiviteit. Zij hielp mij emotionele blokkades lot te laten en weer te verbinden met zowel mijn eigen kwetsbaarheid als mijn vrouwelijke kracht en intuitie: met hart en buik. Aileens massages waren ontspannend, stelden me gerust, en brachten me bij mijn eigen gevoel en kracht. Het is heel fijn en belangrijk om op zo’n manier met je lijf bezig te zijn tijdens de zwangerschap.”
– Sietske (Baby and Me session

“Some masseuses loosen up your muscles. Others manage to relax you. Yet its a rare find when masseuses has so-called healing hands; where their touch not only soothes and relaxes you, but actually heals your system from deep within. Aileen Kennedy possesses these exceptional skills and qualities, and any massage I’ve ever received from her has been a truly transformative experience. I wish everyone would get an opportunity to know what being massaged like this can feel like. “
– Nicky (Unwind session)

“Ik heb Aileen ervaren als heel kundig, ze weet wat ze doet. Een stevige krachtige massage.”
– Chantal (Unwind session)