Do you want to learn how to relieve stress and be more present?

Take part in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.

For mothers who want to live a fuller life with more awareness, less stress or anxiety and with more clarity on how to nourish yourself, body and mind.

About Mindfulness

I teach the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR). This method was created in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD. It has now with several decades of research become an evidence based stress reducing program that has gained popularity on a global scale. The course includes various ways to practice mindfulness through meditation, gentle yoga and practice in daily living.

What is mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” says Jon Kabat-Zinn. “It’s about knowing what is on your mind.”

Mindfulness practice is the practice of paying attention to the present moment intentionally with a certain gentleness. Its that simple. Yet it is not necessarily easy. We are often living on autopilot in our busy and fast paced lives. Going from one to-do list to the next. Living in our minds in the future, planning, fantasizing. Or thinking about the past, at what could have gone differently or holding on to a nice moment. We spend very little time fully present in the here and now.

In this 8-week course you will learn how to train your mind to be more present. How to increase your body-awareness, awareness of thoughts, emotions, your breath and how you react to the world. This course can help you become more aware of how you respond to events in your life, without judging yourself for it. Practicing mindfulness will help you enjoy life more fully and increase your sense of joy and well-being. It will help you be more gentle and compassionate with yourself and others.

Awareness brings insight and insight plants the seed for change.

For whom

This course is for any mother who wants to live a fuller life, with less stress. Parenting brings in itself a cascade of challenging moments. Mindfulness is a wonderful practice in supporting you in this time of your life. By practicing together with other mothers you can feel that you are not alone in the challenges that you face, but also the wonderful moments that mothering brings with her! 

This course is particularly helpful if you have been feeling stressed for a long time, as is the case if you are recovering from burn-out or if you are struggling with negative moods for a long time.


  • Practicing mindfulness will help increase your concentration which will help you to focus and feel centred.
  • Helps reduce stress which impacts you body, your mood and your immune system
  • Increase a sense of well-being, connectedness and ease
  • Has a positive impact on your relationship with others as well as your self
  • Increases resilience and equanimity
  • Gives insight in how you relate to events and how your body, thoughts and emotions effect each other
  • See through limiting beliefs and mind patterns and gain a sense of inner freedom
  • How to respond consciously rather than react automatically (i.e. in stressful or difficult situations)

Please contact me for an orientational chat answer any questions you may have on the course. (link to contact page)

Research has shown

More than three decades of published research has documented the effectiveness of mindfulness practice for people with a wide variety of health challenges. This includes chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, cancer-related symptoms, hypertension, insomnia, migraines and asthma. For some of the key findings from research around mindfulness, read here.

  • Studies worldwide have found that meditation reduces the key indicators of chronic stress, including hypertension.
  • Anxiety, depression and irritability all decrease significantly through regular meditation practice. (Clinical trials have shown that mindfulness is as effective as anti-depressant medication with no side effects)
  • Mindfulness reduces insomnia
  • Concentration and memory improves, reaction times become faster and both mental and physical stamina increase. 
  • Reduces the impact of serious health conditions such as chronic pain and cancer
  • Meditation helps relieve alcohol and drug dependence
  • Studies have now shown that meditation bolsters the immune system, helping to fight off colds, flu and other diseases.
  • Mindfulness strongly reduces our emotional reactivity, impacting our relationships. Regular meditators enjoy better and more fulfilling relationships
  • Regular practice changes significantly certain patterns in the brain that until recently were considered to be fixed by scientists.